How’s Your Wifi?

Is Your Wifi Network Keeping Up with You?

Whether it’s at home or at business, we all rely on our wifi more and more.  Gone are the days when we used to plug devices into a router – now we expect to run everything wirelessly.  There are two growing demands on our wifi bandwidth:

  1. The growing number of devices we have connecting to wifi, and
  2. The quality of image rich content we consume on wifi.

The first point is easy to understand – more devices competing for the same amount of wifi coming out of the router – laptops, smartphones, desktop computers, IPads and tablets and so on.

The second point is about the amount of video we watch wirelessly.  Think of all the website, U Tube, facebook and Instagram videos we all watch these days.  Again, all competing for the same wireless bandwidth coming out of your wifi router.

Tell tale signs of a struggling wifi network are when the signal fades the further you move away from the router and what’s known as buffering – when the image stops suddenly and waits for the signal to catch up.


How to Fix a Struggling Wifi Network

There are several fixes to improve your wifi.  We may simply replace your wifi router with a better one – with a router than sends out a stronger signal with more bandwidth.  You may have switched to fibre and wonder why things aren’t much better.  The answer could be that your wifi router isn’t delivering into your home all the bandwidth the fibre brings to your home.  A fibre quality router could be answer here.

Another cause of problems is distance from the router.  This is called coverage and it can be improved by adding repeaters to pick up the signal from the main router and boosting it into the more distance parts of your house – even out into your garden.

There are few variables to look at in order to work out what the best solution is for you.


What To Do?

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