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Cables or Wifi?

Every home desires high-quality Wi-Fi to connect all of their phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop PCs. While Wi-Fi is an important aspect of any home or business setup, there may be times when a fixed cable connection is preferable. Nowadays, every house (and office) will require both a reliable Wi-Fi network and fixed cable connections to the internet router.

It might be because your house has a complicated form or numerous storeys. Perhaps you have a sleepout or a separate garage ‘Man Cave’ that Wi-Fi cannot reach. It might also be that a computer or television that uses a lot of internet traffic causes an undue strain on the Wi-Fi network.

If you have family members who like computer gaming or working with online graphics and video, a direct cable (ethernet) connection is likely to be the best option. Using the Wi-Fi for this kind of activity may lower available bandwidth for other users and may result in a poor-quality experience for the individual using all of the bandwidth.

The answer is to have both decent Wi-Fi and access to a cabled network — depending on the circumstances in your house or workplace. So, if you discover that your Wi-Fi experience is inadequate, you may demand some cabled ports to distribute the load.

Our professionals can put jack points on the walls and route ethernet wire discreetly across your house or workplace – in ceilings, under floors, and through walls. Whatever is required to deliver such cable connections without your knowledge.


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