Hard Drive Upgrades

Is your computer frustratingly slow? Does it take forever to start up? Are you seeing the spinning wheel while you wait for things to happen?

It doesn’t need to be that way and the fix is quick and affordable.  The problem is often to do with a failing hard drive that stores all your documents and files.  If your laptop, PC or Macbook is three years or older then the chances are it contains a standard hard disk drive (HDD).  Over time these disks begin to wear out and will eventually fail.  That process of failure shows up as slowness and poor performance.

We will pick up your machine and take it to the workshop, do the work and return it to you the next day.  There are several different sizes of SSD – 256Gb, 512Gb and 1Tb (1000 Gb) and because the price of this technology has dropped in the last year or so, we offer this service for a fixed price:

256Gb SSD – $299*

512Gb SSD – $399

1Tb Gb SSD – $499

Includes GST

So, if your computer starts to drive you a bit crazy, contact us and we can sort it out for you. A hard drive upgrade is a lot cheaper than a full replacement and will give your machine a brand lease on life.

Get in touch with us to book your Hard Drive Upgrade