Mobile Device Management

These days we all seem to be glued to our mobile phones and in the work environment they are increasing used as a tool to check email, update social media sites, access customer databases and use a myriad of tools specific to our jobs and the company we work for.

But what about security? It’s now generally understood that mobile phones and laptops, to a lesser extent, represent the main weakness in a business’s cyber security.  Essential as they are, without mobile device management (mdm), a business is at risk of importing a virus or cyber threat into the company network.

It used to be common practice for businesses to give staff members a company phone that had rules and restrictions associated but that’s, a) an expensive solution and b) inconvenient to the staff to now carry a business and a personal mobile phone.


So, this is where mobile device management comes in.  Staff can continue to use their own phones – this is known as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – and we install an application that ring fences all business tools and makes them subject to the business security rules.

Some of the key benefits of Mobile Device Management include:

  • Automatic security patches installed
  • Security PIN codes required to open the phone
  • Remote management of the business tools from a central administrator
  • All business software updates can be managed centrally
  • Data usage can be controlled – a balance between personal and professional usage
  • In the event the device is lost or stolen, everything inside the ring-fence can be wiped
  • If the device is recovered, then all the business tools are reinstated
  • The location of device (and the staff member) can be tracked if needed
  • It works on all makes and model of phone


If your business needs its staff to have a mobile phone or laptop that travels with staff, then mobile device management is a necessary tool for you.

The general cost is only $5 per mobile device or $9.50 per person for as many devices as required.

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