Are You Working from Home These Days?

Is Your Home Office Working Well?

In these post-Covid-19 days, a lot of us are working from home now, either just a few days a week or full-time. It’s important that if you’re going to work from that you’re both comfortable and productive.  You probably already have a good wifi and a fibre connection but there a few other things to consider.

Is the computer you use for work used by other family members? Do you have a quality anti-virus installed on your desktop computer or laptop?  Is your work secure and protected from other people that might use your laptop or desktop computer?  Do you have secure connection to your office?  Where are you storing emails and documents and files?  Are they safe?  Do you have a private username and password?


How to Create a Safe and Secure Home Office

Working from home is great but it creates a huge security risk to your business or employer.  If you don’t have a good quality set up at home then any risks at home could impact the business – lost files, viruses, unauthorised access to information.

Need a Nerd Lower Hutt works with small businesses everyday and we know what you need to work effectively and safely.  We would make sure your Microsoft 365 account is working properly on all your devices.  We’d make sure you have a secure logon to those devices and that when you step away to play with the kids or make a cup of tea, your computer defaults to sleep mode.  We’d make sure your wifi was up to the mark.  We’d make sure your computer or laptop was working as well as it can and if it needs an upgrade or replacement – we can help with that too.

Everything you need work well at home, we can help you with.


What To Do?

If you’d like a professional to check your home office and make sure it’s fit for purpose then call us now on 04 292 6413 or email . We’ll discuss what you’d like to achieve and then set about putting that plan into action.

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