Is Your Computer Struggling?

Is Your Computer Slow To Start?

Your computer has a few moving parts in it and so it will eventually start developing problems. Usually the first sign of trouble we see is the time it takes to start up (Boot Up).  Over time it will take longer and longer and sooner or later it will begin to fail. Some computers will need a repair after just a few years The most common reason a computer needs to be repaired is because the Hard Drive that stores all the data is wearing out.


How Do We Repair Your Computer?

At Need a Nerd Lower Hutt we swap out the old hard drive and replace it with a Solid State Drive.  This sort of computer repair will make your computer faster than the day you bought it and extend its life for another few years.

We transfer (clone) all the data, software and files across to the new Solid State so that it will look exactly as it did before – everything will be where you remember it. The difference is that but now running much, much faster. Instead of taking minutes, your repaired computer will start up in a few seconds.

To minimise disruption to you, we take your computer or laptop away late in the day, repair it overnight and return it you the next day.  We do all this for you at a fixed price of $350.


What to Do?

If your computer or laptop is performing badly then call us now on 04 292 6413 or email . We can advise about the most likely cause of the problem and how we think we can repair it for you.

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