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How to Get the Best from Your Home Technology

These days most homes have more technology than the average small business and the range of gadgets is extremely varied.  Look about your own home and you’ll find Android smartphones and IPhones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, entertainment systems and wifi.  All of it different and everyone in the house wants different things from their personal technology.  From streaming music through Spotify to watching U Tube videos, TV on Demand, wireless printing, paying bills and Zoom meetings.  There’s a lot to consider and a lot of moving parts.  We all want our home technology to work well and to be able to move seamlessly from one device to another.  It can be a complicated business.


So, What’s the Plan?

At Need a Nerd Lower Hutt we are often asked to help how to make things work better.  Our customers often know that all these devices should talk to each but exactly how is that done?  Well, it starts with a conversation to identify the most pressing frustrations and it usually ends with our customer unlocking a whole of possibilities:  email synchronised across any device; strong wifi in every room;  being able to play things from your phone and watch them on your big screen TV; being able to work from home.  Our technicians understand how to unlock the myriad functions in the ‘Settings’ menu of every device and from there allowing each device to do far more than you may have thought possible.

All you need are a few ideas to get the process started, discuss them with your Need a Nerd technician and watch him/her open up a world of possibilities for you.


What to Do?

If you’re frustrated that your home technology isn’t living up to its advertised promise  then call us now on 04 292 6413 or email . We’ll discuss what you’d like to achieve and then set about putting that plan into action. Call or email us now or fill in the contact form on this website and we’ll reply straight away.

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